New All-Electric Explorer
3D Printing

3D printing has been around in industrial production processes for quite a while. It has been gaining popularity far beyond the production floors and engineering offices in recent years. As consumer and prosumer printers become cheaper and easier to use, the maker community is on a steady rise. 3D printing may not yet have found its way into the average household, but it has long become a dependable tool for more and more tech enthusiasts, arts and crafts buffs, as well as 3D designers. Anyone with access to a 3D printer and suitable 3D models can print their very own objects at home, ranging from toys and decoration items to tools, spare parts, and even car accessories.

And that’s where we come into play. Ford is constantly developing new ways to give you the best experience with your vehicle, and to enable you to make the most of your journey with your Ford.

So why not take matters into your own hand and print your Ford’s next upgrade yourself? Ford is proud to provide free STL files of various gadgets to make the most of your vehicle’s center console and to help make your drive even more comfortable, convenient, and efficient.

Don’t own a 3D printer? Maybe you know someone who does. If they’d like to help you out, just send them a link to this overview page or any specific 3D models.

Recommended Print Settings
Bed adhesion: 						optional
Supports: yes
Resolution: 0.2
Infill: 20%
Recommended filament material: PLA

Multi-Purpose Box

Expand your storage possibilities with the 3D printable multi-purpose box. Designed to slot perfectly into your New All-Electric Explorer center console, the box can help store your items in a more efficient way. The box can be fitted into the center console either vertically or horizontally. Make the most of your space!

Storage Box

Keep your center console's storage space more organized! The 3D printable storage box fits easily into your New All-Electric Explorer's center console, separating the space into convenient sections. It even comes with a clip to keep your papers neatly together. No more sliding around!

Divider Bar

You'd love to have your storage spaces even more organised? The 3D printable divider bar for your New All Electric Explorer center console keeps even your smaller items together. Not only does it serve as a divider bar, but it comes with a pen holder, a card clip, and a lipstick or nail polish holder. Small upgrade with a big effect!

Multi-Purpose Divider

You feel like the depth of your New All-Electric Explorer center console is not yet used to its full potential? The 3D printable multi-purpose divider adds a second level to the storage space, with a flap to open it up and access the space below. When shut it provides a closed space that is not immediately obvious to help keep your valuables safe.

Multi-Purpose Cup Holder Interface

What if your center console's cup holder held more than just cups? Expand your possibilities with the 3D printable multi-purpose cup holder interface, fitted to your New All-Electric Explorer cup holder. The interface allows you to apply various types of holders, be it for your phone, tablet, or a light. The model contains the cup holder interface as well as the phone holder.



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